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The Spark Classic for Business credit card from Capital One is an excellent card for business owners who need to extend their purchasing power but don’t have strong credit ratings yet. The Spark Classic for Business card doesn’t have an extensive rewards program, but you can earn a bit of cash back when you use the card to make purchases.

You shouldn’t expect a lot of frills with this card. Capital One knows that people with average credit don’t have a lot of options when applying for credit, so they haven’t padded this card with an extensive selection of signup bonuses or rewards programs. In addition, the standard APR with this card is somewhat high. Nevertheless, the cash back program is solid, and the Spark Classic for business credit card does come with some perks that should interest business owners.

Signup Bonuses

capital-one-spark-classic-for-business-reviewThe Capital One Spark Classic for Business credit card is for entrepreneurs with average credit. Although the card comes with several perks and bonuses, it does not include a bonus simply for signing up. Rather, the main benefit of getting the Spark Classic for Business card is that the card represents an opportunity to improve your credit while growing your business.

Cash Back Bonuses

The Spark Classic for Business credit card offers a cash back reward of 1 percent on any purchase made with the card. Capital One places no limit on the total cash back rewards that you can accrue, and there is no minimum bonus amount necessary for redemption.

Rewards Program

Capital One does not allow cardholders to exchange their cash back rewards from the Spark Classic for Business card for other rewards.

Other Features

business-card-credits-12The Spark Classic for Business card includes a number of perks specifically selected to appeal to business owners. For example, you can elect to issue cards to your employees. It costs nothing to issue additional cards, and you’ll earn all of the rewards for purchases made.

For most items that you purchase — excluding some items such as automobiles — Capital One will double the length of the original manufacturer’s warranty up to a maximum of one year. In addition, Capital One will replace items purchased with the Spark Classic for Business card if you lose them — or they are stolen — within 90 days of the original purchase date.

Do you spend a great deal of time traveling? You’ll like the rental car insurance that the Spark Classic for Business card includes. Simply use the card to pay for your car rental and you’ll enjoy theft and collision insurance. With your card, there will no longer be a need to accept an expensive insurance policy from the rental car company.

APR and Fees

Because the Spark Classic for Business credit card is intended for business owners whose credit could stand a bit of improvement, this isn’t a credit card with a particularly good interest rate. The standard APR for purchases made with this card is 23.24 percent. If you default on the card agreement, though, the APR will increase to 29.65 percent. Capital One also charges fees for late payments or cash advances. However, the Spark Classic for Business credit card has no annual fee.