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For business owners used to credit cards and revolving debt, joining American Express may feel like a rather peculiar experience. The Enhanced Business Platinum card from American Express isn’t a credit card, and it has no revolving balance. You won’t pay interest when using the card, but you will pay a membership fee that’s among the highest in the industry. That being said, the perks of having the card are also come of the best in the industry.

To apply successfully for the Enhanced Business Platinum Card from American Express, you will require excellent credit. Whether having the card is worthwhile for you will depend upon whether or not you make use of the card’s many benefits.

APR and Fees

the-enhanced-business-platinum-card-from-american-express-reviewThe Enhanced Business Platinum card from American Express is a charge card — not a credit card. It has no pre-set spending limit and no interest rate. It does not allow you to carry debt from one billing period to the next. Rather, when you use the card, you need to pay your balance in full when you receive the bill.

American Express charges a yearly fee of $450 to use the Enhanced Business Platinum card.

Signup Bonus

Until January 25, 2017, American Express is offering a special signup bonus for new Business Platinum cardholders. If you spend $15,000 within your first three months of membership, you’ll receive up to 100,000 extra rewards points. Typically, you earn one point for every $100 spent with American Express. However, American Express always offers double points if you book airline tickets directly through them. If you use your points to buy tickets, you’ll get half of your points back. You can also earn bonus points for some business purchases over $5,000.

Airport Lounge Access

ccair2If you’d like to enjoy a more relaxing wait during your next airport layover, you’ll enjoy the airport lounge access that comes with the Business Platinum card. American Express has partnered with more than 1,000 airport lounges around the world including the Centurion Lounge, Delta Sky Club and Airspace Lounge.

Note that some people have found American Express airport lounges to be of limited use. Although you’ll get in free, your guests will need to pay for lounge access. In addition, you’ll generally have to leave and reenter airport security to use a lounge. The people who find lounge access most useful are those who travel very often.

Airline Fee Reimbursement

For Business Platinum cardholders, American Express reimburses up to $200 per year in incidental fees incurred during airline travel. The fees that American Express will reimburse include baggage fees and in-flight food and beverages.